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Sustainable Surfing special conference

Limited capacity!

As a further step in the commitment to sustainability, Kurri (MadDonkeys) and Sergi Galanó (Flamasurf) bring us ‘Dismantling sustainability’ special multivisual and participatory event. With the presence of shapers, surfers, builders and other surf culture creators, to understand why this industry has been so ‘unsustainable’ for 70 years.

This is not a conference, nor a debate, nor a video show, but all at the same time, and much more. Nor is it a ‘boring talk’ of the kind we have already seen in a thousand places. This day is a meeting and a bet that will not leave anyone indifferent, both inside and outside the surf industry itself. Limited places, sign up now!

Powered by
Kurri from MadDonkeys
Sergi Galanó from Flamasurf

With the special participation of
Job Verpoorte, Jabali Surfboards, sustainable surfboards builder
Tony Butt, oceanographer and big wave surfer
Tom Wegener, renowned Californian shaper and sustainable board driving guru
Grant Newby, sustainable board builder, driving force behind Fish Fry and Wooden

Inclusive Sports conference

Third edition of the Round Table on Inclusive Sports. Interesante encuentro de deportistas con diversidad funcional encabezado por Mireia Cabañes (subcampeona del mundo de surf adaptado en grupo), y la presencia de FEKOOR, Federación Coordinadora de Personas con Discapacidad Física y/u Orgánica de Bizkaia, fundada en 1979 con el objetivo de coordinar el trabajo de diferentes asociaciones para lograr la inclusión de mujeres y hombres con discapacidad física y/u orgánica en todos los ámbitos de la sociedad.

[TALK] New technologies adapted to surfing

How does technology help us to evolve in surfing? Presentation by the expert in new technologies, Daute Delgado, on how they can be applied to the world of surfing. Sports are always in the spotlight when we talk about digitalisation, as it is difficult to think that it can be easily applied in such a physical and traditional field as sport. Even so, surfing has undergone a digital evolution, embracing technology and experimenting with the new tools it allows us to do so. From 3D surfboard printing, wearable gadgets, action cameras to artificial intelligence, they are revolutionising the world of surfing.

[TALK] Javier Amezaga: A lifetime dedicated to surfing

Talk and projections on the career of Javier Amezaga, chronicler of the last 40 years of surfing. Javier Amezaga (Bilbao, 1959) is one of the co-founders of the magazine and has been working very hard all these years so that the issues could reach readers on time. As an epilogue to these more than 30 years of history, he has published the book ‘The history of surfing through Tres60’, a laborious and brilliant summary that will appeal to both veteran surfers, as it will help them remember old times, as well as the new generations. , who will discover a bygone era that should not be forgotten. Tres60 loses its role as chronicler of surfing news, but enters in its own right and through the front door into the same history that it has helped record for 35 years.

Presentation of the humanitarian project SurfAid

SurfAid is an international charity working in the Mentawai Islands of Indonesia and will be making its European debut at the LKBSFF.

*The programme may be subject to last-minute changes for reasons beyond the festival's control.