No Limits

Kilian Glassner - Germany (2024)

SB Session

02.03 Itsasmuseum 12:30

It tells the story of Ben Neumann, an 18-year-old surfer. Ben’s goal is to participate in the 2028 Paralympic Games. He has been blind since the age of seven due to an illness. When he turned 12, the Garmisch native got on a surfboard for the first time: he was given a voucher for an introductory surfing course at a leisure centre. Since then, surfing has become an indispensable part of his everyday life. Ben surfs waves between Munich and California as often as his lessons at school allow.

Duration: 9′

Country(ies) of origin: Germany

Filming country(ies): Germany

Direction: Kilian Glassner

Starring: Ben Neumann