Sebastian Bechtel - Germany (2023)

SD Session

02.03 Itsasmuseum 17:00

The portrait “CAMILLA” accompanies the German surf champion Camilla Kemp on her surfing journey. It delves deep into her moving story and shows the highs and lows she has faced in the sport of surfing. Camilla’s inspiring journey includes the challenges of asserting herself as a woman in surfing and her change of identity when she decided to leave the Portuguese team in 2020 and surf under the German flag. The film portrays this significant change that has shaped Camilla’s path with great empathy and authenticity. Filmmaker Sebastian Bechtel takes us to Camilla’s hometown in Portugal, where her love for surfing was born. Through his lens, the film reveals the roots of her passion and gives us an intimate insight into her world, characterized by courage, determination, and the boundless pursuit of success.

Duration: 10′

Country(ies) of origin: Germany

Country(ies) of filming: Portugal

Director: Sebastian Bechtel

Starring: Camilla Kemp

Production: Sebastian Bechtel, Camilla Kemp, Caroline Reuss, Stefan Brill, Adrien Waller.